"100 Jahre Frauenwahlrecht / 100 Years Women’s Suffrage" (working title)
We stand on the shoulders of giants! Women’s rights may be taken for granted and seem completely normal today but they were fought for and hard-won by women everywhere around the world: From our right to vote, education, owning our own bodies, to work side-by-side with men--and get equally compensated--and the list goes on. We have gotten a long way in 100 years but it still feels like there is so much to do. As we move forward, what are we still fighting for?

As we celebrate Austria’s 100th anniversary of Women’s Suffrage, we look forward to question what constitutes women's rights in Austria and the world today. 
Saloon Wien has partnered up with the VBKÖ to bring this discussion to life through a group show that we will curate and present at their exhibition space, opening on the 30th of August, 2018. Since we are a network of brilliant artists, curators, writers, cultural producers, we want to invite you to take an active part in our exhibition. We want to include you, your ideas and works. This is an OPEN CALL addressing everyone who is dealing with gender rights issues. We want this exhibition to reflect the diversity and range of your interpretations and opinions on women’s rights past, present and future. Where do we go from here?

We are looking for bold ideas in whatever format and medium: painting, performance, poster, video, lecture, panel discussion, digital artwork, etc. We do have limited space and two weeks of running time, so please understand that we can only choose a handful of works and program suggestions. That said, send us your ideas by July 2nd, 5pm.
How to apply:
- send one PDF with short description of work and images
- include any other files separately
- can be in English or German
- send to: saloonwien@gmail.com with the header "100 Jahre Frauenwahlrecht" 
- deadline: Monday, July 2nd, 5pm.

We are very much looking forward to your suggestions!
Aline & Julia
Saloon Wien