Saloon#8 @ VBKÖ

saloon#8 @ vbkö

April's Saloon took place at the time-honored VBKÖ - one of the first women artists' associations established in 1910 which is still running up until today. SALOON members were greeted by their board members, who introduced us to their honorable work for the association, which includes the programming of the exhibition space, the running of the archive, and general care of the space and members. We further discussed the beginnings of the VBKÖ, its relationship to the Secession, and how to cope with past ties to the NS regime in terms of archival work. 


What needs to be said is that these women are dedicated to keep the VBKÖ the place it still is without getting compensated and we should all be grateful for their time and efforts. It was inspiring to see that despite financial and internal difficulties, the association has been kept alive for so many years and is still fighting for common causes. We learned that we shouldn't take these institutions for granted and think of ways to contribute in meaningful ways.


That said, let's get ready, ladies!