5 years saloon wien

STILL, WE RISE! Women*’s Networks, Feminist Movements, and the Politics of Solidarity


2nd September, starting at 5pm at Kunsthalle Wien


A symposium in the framework of the exhibition Defiant Muses and on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of SALOON Wien


Conceptualized by Julia Hartmann, Aline Lara Rezende and Doris Richter(SALOON Wien) in collaboration with Kunsthalle Wien


Inspired by Delphine Seyrig’s insurmountable political activism and under the framework of the exhibition Defiant Muses (curated by Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez and Giovanna Zapperi), SALOON Wien is celebrating its fifth anniversary with an international symposium at Kunsthalle Wien.


Please register in advance via besucherservice@kunsthallewien.at.

saloon#45 with victoria dejaco

SALOON#45 at WONNERTH DEJACO Gallery on Wednesday, April 13.


Victoria Dejaco is an Italian writer and curator. In the past 5 years she worked as curatorial assistant of Grazer Kunstverein and as collection manager of the Stefan Stolitzka Private Foundation. She ran Hallway Gallery and produced exhibitions in Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Rumania and Bulgaria. Latest contributions of her writing appeared in Spike Art Quarterly, Uppers and Downers and Parnass Magazin. Victoria is also the CEO of simplify.art, a fantastic app for your personal art collection.


Together with Michael Wonnerth-Magnusson, Victoria runs the gallery WONNERTH DEJACO, which exhibits and represents local and international artists. Strongly connected with Austria’s contemporary art scene, they present and promote artists through a cross-disciplinary exhibition program with a focus on emerging artists. As you can see, there's much to talk about when we will meet Victoria at the gallery: What drove her to start a gallery in 2020 and what are the challenges in the encrusted Viennese art scene? How does she cope with the male-dominated art market and in what ways does the gallery try to stand out from competitors? And moreover, lets find out about Victoria's endeavors as a female entrepreneur and her struggles to get the App Simplify.art running. Lots to talk about!


If you want to join SALOON Wien, please write to saloonwien@gmail.com

saloon#45 at strabag artlounge

Saloon#45 will happen at STRABAG Artlounge on Tuesday, 15. March 6pm, a unique exhibition space on the upper floors of the STRABAG Building in Vienna.


We not only get the chance to meet and talk to Tanja Skorepa, head of 

STRABAG Kunstforum, and her team, but also visit the exhibition T-RUST LANDSCAPE by the young Slovak artist Natália Šimonová.


In 2004 Hans Peter Haselsteiner and Wilhelm Weiß took the - back then – unusual step of developing a company collection. The decisive reasons were their passion for art and idea to present contemporary art in office buildings. Since its opening STRABAG Artlounge showcased over 100 exhibitions. All prizewinners of STRABAG Artaward International get the opportunity to stage a solo exhibition. In addition, the space presents collection artists celebrating significant anniversaries as well as special topics, e.g. the exhibition Strich und Faden, which focused on twelve female artists working in the medium of drawing. We will talk about the important work of the STRABAG collection, their Artist-in-Residence Program, and how the exhibitions come about. 

saloon#43 at civa festival

Our SALOON#43 will take place at CIVA Festival at 

Belvedere 21, where SALOON Wien members will get an exclusive insight into the festival and the exhibition.


CIVA is organized by sound:frame and stands for Contemporary Immersive Virtual Art. The second edition of the festival is devoted to the body and its multiple and ever-changing identities, with a focus on contemporary hybrid realty and its repercussions for diverse bodies in various branches of our lives.


Together with Laura Welzenbach (cultural manager, Head of Ars Electronica Export, and responsible for tours at CIVA) and Martina Menegon (2nd Vice Director and Head of XR & 3D at CIVA) we'll have the chance to see the exhibition "Embodied Structures" and talk about their experience of establishing a media art festival in Vienna and of tackling crucial  socio-political topics within a media art festival. 

If you want to become part of the SALOON Wien, please write to saloonwien@gmail.com

Please join us for the first workshop on Saturday, October 9 from 2pm to 5pm at VIADUKT.


On this afternoon, we will first get an introduction into printmaking by Bernadette Meisel, the founder and head of VIADUKT, and then will have the chance to use the machines ourselves. So get ready to get your hands dirty and create some empowering SALOON tote bags with us. In between the hard work, we'll have some drinks and snacks and also have a look at Viadukt's own exhibition and studio spaces, where Magdalena Kreinecker is showcasing her prints. Of course, you're always welcome to mingle and tingle with our fab members. 


The workshop fee is 40€ p.P. (which goes to Viadukt) and includes 3 hours of screen printing, premium quality tote bags, food and drinks provided by us, and lots of fun! 

saloon#40 @ kevin space

We're sure you all know the amazing Off-Space Kevin Space that is a part of Vienna's art scene since 2016 and was founded by Fanny Hauser, Carolina Nöbauer, Denise Helene Sumi and Franziska Sophie Wildförster. Not only does Kevin Space promote international and local developments in contemporary visual art but it also presents up and coming Viennese artists in solo and group exhibitions, as well as performative and discursive formats.


For our SALOON#40 in September we are looking forward to getting to know the women behind the space, to finding out about the hardships and benefits that come with running an Off-Space in Vienna, about the experiences they made as a team of four, and much more. Of course we will also get an exclusive tour through their upcoming exhibition  I wear my wounds on my tongue by Tarek Lakhrissi .

saloon#37 with angela stief

For our SALOON#37, we're super excited to invite you to our SALOON#37, for which we'll have the pleasure to meet the chief curator of Albertina MODERN Angela Stief! Please join us on Wednesday, 24th of February at 6pm via ZOOM. 


Angela Stief has held a curator position at Kunsthalle Wien between 2002 and 2013 and worked as an independent curator and cultural publicist until 2020 when she was appointed chief curator at Albertina MODERN. She is a frequent contributor to publications like Artforum, FAIR, Kunstforum International, Parnass, Profil, and guest professor at Kunstuniversität Linz. Angela is on the advisory board of VIENNA ART WEEK and is still actively involved in several exhibitions and public programming all around Austria.

In this SALOON, we'll get to know more about Angela's trailblazing career within the Viennese art scene and how her previous work as an independent curator is influencing her chief curator position at the newly opened Albertina MODERN, where she has been responsible for adding feminist positions to the permanent collection. Needless to say, we're really interested in her feminist endeavors for the museum and the Viennese art scene at large.


This is for members only. 

saloon#36 with journalist kimberly bradley

Please join SALOON#36 with no less than the brilliant journalist and editor Kimberly Bradley on Thursday, January 14th at 6pm!


Kimberly Bradley has been writing about art and the art world since the 1990s. She is an American culture writer and editor again based in Berlin after a four-year detour in Vienna from 2015–19. Kimberly’s work takes journalistic, essayistic, and critical forms and has appeared in periodicals including Art-Agenda, artnet.com, ArtReview, Artsy, Frieze, Mousse, The New York Times, and many others. She contributes to artist monographs and has co-produced documentaries. She currently teaches courses on contemporary art practices at NYU Berlin, and taught art writing at the Salzburg Summer Academy of Fine Arts. Often taking part in panel discussions as a moderator or panelist, she occasionally consults cultural organizations and groups. Kimberly edits books in various capacities with European art publishers: in 2020, with Hildegund Amanshauser, she co-edited Navigating the Planetary, a collection of essays and interviews on art’s post-global conditions.


In this ZOOM meeting, we'll therefore have the chance to discuss Kimberly's early start; her first art-related writing was published on artnet.com in the 1990s. We'll talk about how she had to adapt to this rapidly expanding art world and shifting conditions in (art) publishing, her experiences in a male-dominated profession, and her recommendations to anyone starting as a journalist or editor today. How can we make journalism more intersectional, and how can writing/editing make female art professionals more visible? Just some questions that immediately pop into our heads when talking to such a prolific art journalist! 


This is a SALOON members' event only. If you want to join, please write to saloonwien@gmail.com 

saloon#35 with elisabeth noever-ginthör

Winter is upon us and to make the cold weather a bit more enduring, please join us in our last Saloon meeting this year on Wednesday, November 25th at 6pm!


For SALOON#35, we're extremely excited to talk to Elisabeth Noever-Ginthör and zoom in on her extraordinary career path in a competitive Viennese art scene. Following positions at the MAK - Museum of Applied Art and the RTR - Broadcasting and Regulatory Authority, the trained lawyer has been responsible for the development of the architecture, design, fashion, and art market sectors as project manager since 2006. In 2009, she co-founded the gallery festival "curated by_vienna" and as her most recent project, she and her team have launched the "Creative Days Vienna" in 2019 - a platform that deals with the chances of the latest technological and social developments for the creative industries. Since 2014, Elisabeth Noever-Ginthör has been director of the Creativity & Business department at the Vienna Business Agency and she is active as a lecturer, juror, and author.


As Elisabeth has been at the front of many decisive organizations, we'll have the chance to find out how Vienna's creative scene has been transforming in the past few years. Let's discuss if/how culture and the creative industries have been representing gender and diversity and how formats like the Vienna Art Week and curated_by are shaping Vienna's art scene. 


This is an event for members. Please contact us if you wanna join the SALOON.

saloon#34 / we belong x saloon network

As we're forced to host our Saloons online once again, SALOON Wien seize the chance to invite guests from outside the confines of Vienna. So, please join us on October 15 at 7pm CET in meeting three trailblazing women, who are tirelessly working on making Europe a more inclusive, safe, and liveable place for all in their Podcast Series and Social Media Campaign titled WE BELONG

Through WE BELONG, YASMINE OUIRHRANE, Podcast Host, JANA DEGROTT, Campaign Manager, and SUMAIA SAIBOUB, Social Media Manager, explore what belonging to Europe means these days. They share personal experiences, spark conversations, and legitimize immigrant daughters' stories by creating safe spaces. The Podcast and Social Media Campaign is organized as a series of conversations with young women, who are representing the diversity of Europe, break stereotypes, navigate multiple identities, and challenge the conventional wisdom of what it means to belong—especially in times of crises.

Without a doubt, accessibility, intersectionality, and diversity are crucial factors for any organization and especially for a women's network like the SALOON Network that aims at offering a non-hierarchical and collaborative platform for self-identified women. And as any contemporary network/organization is in dire need to tackle these challenges continually, please join the founders of WE BELONG and the board members of the SALOON Network for a public discussion around intersectionality in the networking business. In a safe and respectful environment, we hope to discuss what it means to be inclusive and diverse and learn from each others' experiences and stories. 

This roundtable discussion is hosted by the online Art & Research Center KARA AGORA (created by SALOON Board Members Tina Sauerländer, Mara KölmelJulia Hartmann, and others) and is taking place in the course of the exhibition "Net Works - Pitch for a Social Network Sphere" (curated by Julia Hartmann). 

ZOOM in here or Sign up on Eventbride.

We're looking forward to seeing your faces again soon!
Aline, Doris, and Julia

saloon#33 @ kunsthalle wien

2020 is about to get better! As we restart our activities after the Summer Break and are celebrating our 4th year, we'll resume SALOON Wien with a BANG at Kunsthalle Wien on September 8.

This year, Ivet Ćurlin, Nataša Ilić and Sabina Sabolović have become directors of the Kunsthalle Wien, with the aim to put Vienna in all its diversity at the center of the program, setting up exchanges with geographies, histories and knowledges that have less visibility and recognition than activities in the main western capitals. On March 8, the International Women’s Day, they opened their first group exhibition at the Kunsthalle with the title … of bread, wine, cars, security and peace, which examines the notion of the “good life.”
During our Saloon, we'll have the chance to be guided through the exhibition and to get a glimpse into the work of the Kunsthalle. How does it's future look like--especially post-pandemic--how will their program adapt to the new circumstances, and how is it to direct an institution in a team of three? And, moreover, how do they implement their progressive agendas in a city like Vienna? Just some of the nosy questions, we'll be able to ask the new directors of the Kunsthalle Wien. 


This event is for SALOON members only. Please get in touch about a membership.

25. July: saloon summer party!


It's Summer and we're enjoying our freedoms! After a long period of staying apart, we finally want to mingle and tingle in person again and relax under the open sky. No visits to galleries or museums this time but picnics, music, and drinks. ART will not be missed out, of course. 

So, please join us on the 25th of July for our SALOON SUMMER PARTY at the female artists' studio space SCHLOSS25! 

Feel free to spread the word and bring your family, friends, and whoever is interested in finding out more about the SALOON and its fabulous members. Also, meet the wonderful artists of SCHLOSS25 in an exclusive tour through some of their ateliers.


If you wanna join, please get in touch with us saloonwien@gmail.com

Studio artists, vlnr: Isabelle von Spreckelsen, Julia Riederer, Christiane Peschek, Stephanie Winter, Hannah Neckel, Alina Ilona Hagenschulte, Ernst Lima, Michaela Putz, Aurelia van Kempen, Elsa Okazaki; Credits: Elsa Okazaki.
Studio artists, vlnr: Isabelle von Spreckelsen, Julia Riederer, Christiane Peschek, Stephanie Winter, Hannah Neckel, Alina Ilona Hagenschulte, Ernst Lima, Michaela Putz, Aurelia van Kempen, Elsa Okazaki; Credits: Elsa Okazaki.

saloon#32: 3rd Home Office / Studio visit

As working from home and not being able to meet in large groups continues for the foreseeable future, we keep on exploring new ideas on how to connect, exchange ideas, and remain a strong international network of women in the arts. That's why we are delighted to launch our monthly series Studio/Home Office Visits including SALOON's local and international members!



For our third iteration on July first at 6pm, we have invited five members to share their workspaces, works that they treasure most, and those that are in progress during this virtual walkthrough. Please join us in visiting: artists Fanni Futterknecht, Christina Helena Romirer, and Catharina Bondas well as curator, art advisor, and board member of SALOON Tel Aviv Jenna RomanoWe'll be able to get to know what they're working on right now and engage in a conversation on how their immediate working environment has changed; what challenges they face while working from home; and how they (still) get inspired from within the same four walls.

saloon#31 with                  johanna chromik

Dear Saloonistas, 


join us for our SALOON#31 with the Artistic Director of viennacontemporary Johanna Chromik on June 16 at 6pm


As the Artistic Director of Austria's leading art fair, Johanna Chromik is specifically interested in honing the profile of the most prestigious Austrian art fair with a focus on innovative discoveries in Central and Eastern Europe. This year, of course, the fair will have to adapt to the "new normal" circumstances and many efforts are made to make it even more sustainable: digitization and flexibility are important keywords for this endeavor. 


Johanna Chromik will share her vision for the Viennese art fair and the new digital demands it faces during Corona. How does she tackle the challenges of keeping the experience of art alive and provide a profitable and entertaining event for sellers and visitors alike? Just some of the questions we'll be curious to find out about during our online conversation.


This event is for members only. Please send us an email if you're interested in joining the SALOON. 



saloon#29 & #30 @ home: studio/home office visits

As working from home and not being able to meet in large groups continues for the foreseeable future, we keep on exploring new ideas on how to connect, exchange ideas, and remain a strong international network of women in the arts. That's why we are delighted to launch our monthly series Studio/Home Office Visits including SALOON's local and international members!

For our first iteration on May 19 at 6pm, we have invited five members to share their workspaces, works that they treasure most, and those that are in progress during this virtual walkthrough. Please join us in visiting: artists Laura Wagner and Bernadette Anzengruber as well as curators Mika Maruyama and our very own Aline Lara Rezendeas well as curator and board member of SALOON Paris Valentina PeriWe'll be able to get to know what they're working on right now and engage in a conversation on how their immediate working environment has changed; what challenges they face while working from home; and how they (still) get inspired from within the same four walls.


For our second iteration on June 2nd at 6pm, we have are visiting the artists Darja Shatalova and Sarah Mang, gallerist Anna Ebner, curator and board member of SALOON Brussels Juliette Bibasse, and our very own Julia Hartmann


This event is for members only. Please let us know if you're interested in a membership!

SALOON#28 @ Home / Crowdfunding Strategies


May the SALOON Force Be With You!

And may we join forces in a crowdfunding workshop!


We are happy to have Paula Marschalek on board again for our next ZOOM/SALOON on May the 4th at 18:00. As art historian and art manager Paula has worked with the press and social media departments of the Kunsthistorisches Museum and received a scholarship on Cultural Management, working with the MAK Center for Art and Architecture in Los Angeles from September 2019 to March 2020. In 2019 she founded Marschalek Art Management with which she specializes in press, public relations, and social media communication for artists as well as galleries, museums, and art institutions. 


In this SALOON @ Home edition, Paula will coach us on how to successfully get financial support for projects through crowdfunding. The idea behind crowdfunding is simple: First, one needs a good story and second one needs a crowd to finance an idea, a project, or a company. With the Bank Austria - wemakeit - Crowdfunding Platform as case study (which Paula has successfully won in 2018), we want to join forces and brainstorm ideas between Saloon members that could get crowdfunded through this platform in 2020/2021. 


saloon#27 @ home  // Kunstraum Niederösterreich

Our our next ZOOM/SALOON on April 21 at 6pm


This time, we'll have Katharina Brandl, artistic director of Kunstraum Niederösterreich, on the line in order to discuss with her the abrupt closure of the space and how she dealt with it. How can an exhibition space function online and how do they plan for future events? Is working from home different than collaborating at the space? And also, how does she herself engage with art and artists during the lock-down? Only a few questions that will be asked and answered during this Saloon meeting. 


This event is for members only. Please get in touch with us if you're interested! 

saloon#26 @ home // social media strategies

Dear SALOONistas,


our next ZOOM/SALOON is coming up on April 7 at 6pm! This time, we join the current trend of online classes and introduce Paula Marschalek from Marschalek Art Management, for an arts- and culture-specific Instagram workshop. Now, more than ever, it's time to brush up those social (media) skills and stay on top of our games. 


Paula Marschalek is art historian and art manager, who has worked with the press and social media departments of the Kunsthistorisches Museum and received a scholarship on Cultural Management, working with the MAK Center for Art and Architecture in Los Angeles from September 2019 to March 2020. She founded Marschalek Art Management, with which she specializes in press, public relations, and social media communication for artists as well as galleries, museums, and art institutions. 


In preparation for the workshop titled Walking on Instagram Paula tells us: Nowadays, social media is well-established in the cultural sector and, furthermore, changed how we live and work throughout the years. With more than 500 million users, worldwide Instagram is not only one of the most used social networks, but also one of the most important marketing tools. The workshop will prepare artists and cultural workers with useful information regarding profiles, feeds, and posts. Together we will look at numerous “Best Practice Profiles” to gain inspiration and remember: you need to know your community in order to use social media effectively.


Please sign up here and we'll send you the ZOOM Meeting information and let Paula know if you want to receive her ultimate social-media-checklist 

(E-mail to office@marschalek.art).




Aline, Doris & Julia


Please note:

"By participating in this workshop, you acknowledge and agree that any audio-visual recordings and photos recorded during the sessions of the workshop may be used for public relations in perpetuity throughout the universe in all media now known or hereafter devised. Personal data, such as names or emails will not be published. You can withdraw from that consent  by sending a formless email to the following address office@marschalek.art"

saloon#25 @ home


We believe that right now, social connection and a strong, supportive network is more needed than ever and social distancing doesn’t have to mean social disconnection. So we are working on making yours and our quarantine less lonely and definitely more productive.


That’s it, ihr Lieben, SALOON Wien is going online and we would love you to join! 


So, amid the uncertainties, we're promising to keep up with our SALOON  meetings through the magic of video conferencing, aka ZOOM. As a start, we want to invite you to our first online SALOON on Monday, March 30 at 6pm on ZOOM! We would like to discuss together what (the f**k) is happening right now and collect ideas on how to move forward with our careers, projects, and, of course, our network. As usual, please sign up (and install ZOOM) to take part in this Saloon and we'll send you the meeting invitation. It will be hosted by us--Aline, Doris, and Julia--and take around 40 mins. We will keep it rather intimate at first, in order to get used to the new format and discuss further steps with you.


We're working on more ZOOM/SALOONs to come, also joined by experts, who can explain how best to handle this current situation and offer one or the other helpful workshop. 


Rest assured that the SALOON remains virtually open and running and will do its best to help and find support where needed.


Let's Keep Calm and Stay Connected!


Aline, Doris & Julia

saloon#24 @ bank austria kunstforum wien

Cindy Sherman, Untitled #93, 1981 © Courtesy of the artist and Metro Pictures, New York
Cindy Sherman, Untitled #93, 1981 © Courtesy of the artist and Metro Pictures, New York

Please join us on March 4 at Bank Austria Kunstforum to visit their

current exhibition "The Cindy Sherman Effect."    


Bettina Busse, the curator of the show and curator of contemporary and Modern art at the Bank Austria Kunstforum, will guide us through the group exhibition that is dealing with Cindy Sherman as a role model for a generation of artists, who critically challenge identity, the media, and art history. During the tour, we will have the chance to talk about the effects of Cindy Sherman and how it might have shaped your own perception of art and the world. How much did the feminist art movement interfere in the creation and reception of Cindy Sherman's art practice and did it influence her colleagues and future generations of artists?


Moreover, how is identity shaped through art and vice versa? Just a few possible topics to discuss during our guided tour with Bettina Busse. 


We are very much looking forward to seeing you again!


Aline, Doris & Julia

Saloon#23 with                          Europäisches forum Alpbach

Andrei_Pungovschi, "Les Thermes," 2018
Andrei_Pungovschi, "Les Thermes," 2018


We're very happy to invite our members to our second Saloon this year!

Please join us on February 19 at 6pm at the office of the European Forum Alpbach and discuss with us this year's theme "Fundamentals".


The European Forum Alpbach is an interdisciplinary platform for science, politics, business and culture since 1945. The annual event addresses relevant socio-political questions of our time and so does the artistic program that is spread around Alpbach each year. In 2020, the topic of the Forum is fundamentals: "Certain fundamentals that once appeared secure are now manifestly under threat, and not just in politics." The symposia and artistic program are thus tackling some of today's fundamental thinkings and put some basic knowledge to the test and this is also where we want to kick off the conversation.




Together with Elisabeth Schack, Head of Arts and Culture at the European Forum Alpbach, Clara Rindler-Schantl, assistant and in charge for the

Jubilee (75 years), and other colleagues of the team, we will question if those fundamental tenets of the scientific, economic, and political elite are truly indispensable as well as test particular convictions and certainties that are now often left unquestioned. And moreover, what do fundamentals mean for the arts and especially for women in the arts? On top of that, we're also able to get a glimpse behind the scenes of such an important international event. 


We are very much looking forward to seeing you again!


Aline, Doris & Julia

saloon#22: with Mz* Baltazar

Our first Saloon of the year is coming up on FridayJanuary 24 at 6pm at the VBKÖ. We're thrilled to host this joint event with the feminist hackerspace Mz* Baltazar’s Lab in the framework of the exhibition "Search for...Feminism," in which we'll talk about the intersection of technology, feminism, and art. We're also joined by the Indonesia based art collective Needle and Bitch via Skype and together we'll work out some strategies on how to hack the patriarchy. 

Please sign up here and also bring friends, family, and colleagues to join us in this "open event." We want to celebrate this Saloon with non- and soon-to-be- members! 
We hope to see you again soon!
Aline, Doris & Julia

Meeting Points:
6pm: at the VBKÖ, Mayrsedergasse, 1010 Wien
7:30pm: dinner at Gasthaus Reinthaler, Gluckgasse 5, 1010 Wien

saloon#21 @ secession

On WednesdayNovember 27, 2019 at 6pm please join our SALOON#21 
with the curators of the SECESSION

The SECESSION is one of Vienna's most exciting and groundbreaking contemporary art institutions as well as one of the oldest artists' associations. Until today, the exhibition program is decided in a democratic process by its members (as initiated by Gustav Klimt) but the lion's share of work falls on the curators, who work directly with the artists on their individual presentations. We're therefore very happy about the chance to talk to Annette Südbeck, the Secession's managing director and curator, and the curator Jeanette Pacher. In an intimate setting, we are invited to discuss their work as curators in such an important institution and how the situation might be different for women in today's art world. How did they become curators and what would they suggest to enthusiastic women who are still struggling to become

 curators, artists, writers, etc.? 
(c) Jorit Aust

We hope you will join our last SALOON of 2019 at the SECESSION and celebrate a successful year of solidarity, joint forces, and stamina with us.
Let's clink our glasses to even more female power in 2020!

Please sign up here.
We are very much looking forward to seeing you again!
Aline, Doris & Julia
PS. the exhibitions by Tala Madani, Lisa Holzer, and Ron Nagle
can be visited until 6pm. 

Meeting Points:
6pm: back entrance of SECESSION, Friedrichstraße 12, 1010 Wien
7:30pm: Christmas market at Karlsplatz


Another SALOON is just around the corner and we're happy to see you again at our SALOON#20 on the 17th of October


This time we are focusing on writing about art in journalism and blogging. To find out more about these fields, we have invited Nina Schedlmayer to give us insights into her work as a cultural journalist for diverse publications but also into her adventures as a freelance writer of a feminist art blog.


Since 2003, Nina Schedlmayer has been writing for Profil, EIKON, Camera Austria, PARNASS, Datum and many more magazines and newspapers. In 2017, she received the Austrian state prize for art criticism and for over a year, she has been writing for her own blog, Artemisia, with which she tackles the art world from a feminist point of view. We will have an interesting conversation on writing in the art world and what still needs to be done to make female practitioners more visible. 


Please join us on Thursday the 17th of October at 6 pm at Sotheby's, where we were kindly invited to use their space for our intimate Saloon discussion. Please sign up here.


Looking forward to seeing you again soon!


Aline, Doris & Julia


Meeting Points:

6pm: Sotheby's, Herrengasse 5, 1010 Wien

8pm: Café Korb, Brandstätte 7-9, 1010 Wien 

SALOON#19: 27. September

While during the day Alexia Stuefer acts as a defence lawyer, in her leisure time she has devoted herself to collect contemporary art with a specialization on - guess what - feminist art! As she stated in a conversation with Ursula Maria Probst: 


Die Entscheidung, mich auf Kunst von Künstlerinnen mit feministischem Ansatz zu konzentrieren war instinktiv und logisch zugleich. Der weibliche Körper und das Frausein waren noch nie so politisiert wie heute. Die gegenwärtige Kunstwelt wird von meist weißen Männern gehaltenem Kapital gesteuert, wovon hauptsächlich lebende männliche Künstler profitieren. Diesen Kreislauf patriarchaler Wirkungsmacht, der sich in vielen anderen Lebensbereichen wiederfindet, durchbricht meine Sammlung.



Alexia Stuefer vor Șükran Moral, Hamam, 1997, Farbfotografie, Portraitfoto: Lilo Nein


Reason enough to pay Alexia a visit, who has kindly offered to pamper us with a cocktail reception at her apartment and a frank conversation on her experiences as a collector of feminist art in a (male dominated) art world. What would she suggest young professionals who want to get into the business - behind and in front of the scenes? What needs to be done to balance out the inequality on the art market and how can we conquer injustices? How does she choose the artworks and more importantly, how does it all fit into her apartment? Issues that she has to deal with on a daily basis that makes it even more interesting to tackle from a feminist perspective.


If that weren't enough, we are also happy to invite 8 SALOON members to a special tour through the Vienna Contemporary Art Fair with the title "The future is female - Focus on female art" before the Saloon at Alexia Stuefer. 



Meeting Points on the 27th of September:

1:45pm: at the entrance to the art fair (inside), tour will last until 3pm

(you can stay at the fair afterwards)

7pm: meeting at Alexia Stuefer's apartment 

(address will be sent to those who sign up, please be reliable)

8pm: Cocktail Reception

Please sign up here. (only for members)

saloon summer party


Summertime suggests parties and relaxation under the sky, don’t you think?What comes to mind are biergartens, BBQ, picnics and all kinds of outdoorsy activities. Not museums and galleries…

But maybe a cool studio visit? With a backyard and an invitation for all of us to stay longer, relax, drink, talk and talk and talk. YES! And this is what we are going to do.


Please join us on the 22nd of June for our SALOON SUMMER PARTY


Feel free to spread the word and bring your family, friends, and whoever is interested in finding out more about the Saloon and its fabulous members. We will tour through a couple of artist's studios, including Saloon members Käthe Schönle, Sophie Dvorák, Julia Faber (hopefully) as well as Leo Peschta and others. 


The program looks like this:

- opening doors at 5pm at Atelierhaus PelzgassePelzgasse 20, 1150 Vienna

- guided tour through artist's studios from 6pm-7pm

- afterwards drinks & chats & music &&&


Please spread the word and join us for our last Saloon before the summer break!


Aline, Doris, Julia

saloon#18 @ Gianni Manhattan

In May we have another special event planned for you! Please join our SALOON#18 at Gallery Gianni Manhattan on the 8th of May at 6pm


Laura Windhager, founder and director of the gallery, will give us an exclusive insight into her newly found gallery and guide us through the group exhibition "Fever Dream". Needless to say, best place and time to ask a female gallerist about her incentives of opening up a gallery in Vienna and how she deals with the fierce competition in the art market. What kind of obstacles does she encounter and what does she think needs to be done to heighten the exposure of female artists? 


At Al Zaytouna we can further brood over new strategies and collaborations! 


Please RSVP until the 7th of May. 


Meeting Points:

5:45pm: Gallery Gianni Manhattan, Wassergasse 14, 1030 Vienna

ca. 7pm: Al Zaytouna, Hörnesgasse 17, 1030 Vienna

saloon#17 @ foto wien

In April, Vienna is dedicated to photography and so are we!

Please join Saloon#17 at the Foto Wien Festival in collaboration with 

Kunst Haus Wien on Wednesday the 3rd of April.


We will visit the exhibition “Bodyfiction” with Verena Kaspar-Eisert, who is curator at the Kunst Haus Wien and has organised this exhibition in the course of Foto Festival Wien at the Festivalzentrale located in Otto Wagner's Postsparkassengebäude.


"Bodyfiction" comprises of works by Alix Marie, Carina Brandes, SMITH, Weronika Gesicka und Matthieu Gafsou, who have been selected by an international jury, of which Verena Kaspar-Eisert was also a part. The exhibition deals with the instrumentalization and representation of the body in photography. Hence, we are not only able to discuss body politics and its implications for photography as an artistic medium but moreover to ask about the decision-making processes of a jury member. How are massive amounts of information and images filtered in this process? What are the decisive factors for works to stand out? How can one's works be convincing at first glance? And is there a difference in curating photography to other media?


A full spectrum of questions and answers lies ahead of us, which will be continued over dinner and drinks at XPEDIT!


Weronika Gęsicka, Traces (Untitled #23), 2015–2017 © Weronika Gęsicka

Courtesy: Weronika Gęsicka und JEDNOSTKA Gallery, Warszawa


Meeting points: 

17:45: Foto Wien Festivalzentrale, Österr. Postsparkasse, Georg-Coch Platz 2, 1010 Wien

ca. 19:00: XPEDIT!, Wiesingerstrasse 6, 1010 Wien


Please sign up on the RSVP-list until 1st of April


saloon#16 @ Bank austria kunstforum wien

March is the international month of women and what better way to celebrate than in an exhibition dedicated to female artists?!


Please join us for SALOON#16 on the 7th of March at Bank Austria Kunstforum Wien at 6pm, where we are going to visit the exhibition Frauenbilder? followed by a conversation with Mag. Veronika Rudorfer, curator of the exhibition and Assistant Curator at Bank Austria Kunstforum Wien and Bettina M. Busse, M.A., Curator and Head of Bank Austria Art Collection at the Bank Austria Kunstforum Wien.


The exhibition presents selected works by women through photography, collage, painting and drawing with which they analyze the objectification of the female body, the normativity of socially determined roles assigned to women and the stereotypical depictions of femaleness and beauty. Lets discuss the various perspectives on the use of the female body in artworks and how the male gaze might be influencing images on women. Also, how are we as cultural praciticioners dealing with these issues? What is more, we will have the unique opportunity to find out about how this privately owned art collection functions and about their incentives for collecting art by women.  


Afterwards we will head to Habibi & Hawara to continue the conversation over dinner and drinks. 


Please sign up on the RSVP-list until 5th of March

Nina Rike Springer, Swing over, 2014, Bank Austria Kunstsammlung, Wien © Nina Rike Springer / Bildrecht, Wien


Meeting points: 

17:45: Bank Austria Kunstforum Wien, Freyung 8

ca. 19:00: Habibi & Hawara, Wipplingerstraße 29

saloon#15 @ Kunsthistorisches Museum

We're very excited to invite you to our first Saloon in the New Year on 12th of February at 6pm!


Saloon#15 is all about the diverse cultural events of the Kunsthistorisches Museums Verband. We are going to meet Mag. Alexander Kimmerl, their head of event management, who will give us an insight into how to conceptualize and organize art events at a museum like the KHM. The Kunsthistorische Museumsverbandsupervises up to 800 events a year, including the Weltmuseum, the Theatermusem, the KaiserlicheSchatzkammer, the Theseustempel, the Neue Burgand the Ephesosmuseum and we will have the exclusive chance to ask questions  like: "Why does a drag queen lead the visitors through the museum? And how does the public respond to it?" That and many more exciting insights will be explored. 


Afterwards, please join us for drinks and some dancing at KHM´s monthly “Kunstschatzi” under its Kuppelhalle! The picture gallery of the museum will be open all night for us! 


Please do sign up on the RSVP-list until 11th Feb, 10am, as the talk has a max. capacity of 25 attendees.


Meeting point: 

6pm: in front of the main entrance of the Kunsthistorisches Museum

PLEASE NOTE: Tickets for “Kunstschatzi” have to be bought, we arranged a reduced ticket rate for €10 (instead of €16), though. We would like to collect the money before the talk.  

saloon#14 @ SAMMLUNG verbund

2018 will finish with a bang!


Please join us for the last Saloon this year at the SAMMLUNG VERBUND with a very special tour through the exhibition SHE'S HERE. Louise Lawler guided by Dr. Gabriele Schor on the 3rd of December, 2018 at 5pm. Afterwards, please join us for a Punsch (OR TWO ☺) at Christkindlmarkt Am Hof. 


However, one after another:


At 4.50pm we are going to meet Dr. Gabriele Schor, the Founding Director of SAMMLUNG VERBUND in the foyer, where you will hear all about her building up this amazing collection from 2004 until today. Dr. Schor will then tour with us through the Vertical Gallery and its exhibition SHE´S HERE. Louise Lawler. It is the first time Louise Lawler's works are on show in Vienna and the show ties in with one of the SAMMLUNG VERBUND Collection´s main emphases on “perceptions of spaces and places”. The other focus is on the seminal Feminist Avant-Garde exhibition, which the title SHE´S HERE refers to with a wink. Louise Lawler (b. New York, 1947) is an eminent American artist and member of the so-called Pictures Generation. Since the early 1980s, the artists grouped under this label have used photography to undertake a critical interrogation of the mass media.


We need to announce the guest list to the SAMMLUNG VERBUND prior to the event. So, please do sign up on the rsvplist until November 29st. And if you cannot make it do unsubscribe and give someone else the chance to participate. (The capacitiy of this event is only 20 people – first come first serve!)


Meeting Points: 

4.50pm VERBUND (Foyer) Am Hof 6a, 1010 Vienna

from 6.30pm Christkindlmarkt AM HOF, Am Hof, 1010 Wien, Austria 




We look forward to seeing you!

Aline, Doris & Julia


Caption: Louise Lawler, CS#04, 1990, Silver dye bleach print, (c) Lousie Lawler, Courtesy Metro Pictures / SAMMLUNG Verbund, Wien

SALOON#13: With Christina Steinbrecher-Pfandt / VIENNA CONTEMPORARY ART FAIR 


Saloon Wien is starting its second year with a bang!


In collaboration with Vienna Contemporary, we have the pleasure of welcoming Christina Steinbrecher-Pfandt, Artistic Director of Vienna Contemporary Art Fair, for SALOON#13 on the 1st of October at 6pm.


Besides being the Artistic Director of the most important contemporary art fair in the country and having a stellar career in the art world—specially in Russia, Christina Steinbrecher-Pfandt is a mother, a foreigner, a woman. She “loves art, good people and demanding work,” as stated in her Instagram profile. 

In an intimate setting--at the VBKÖ (Maysedergasse 2/4th floor) --Saloon members will have the exclusive chance to reminisce the fair and moreover learn about the highs and lows of a career in the art fair business. How did Christina Steinbrecher-Pfandt become a successful director of Austria's leading art fair, how does she keep up as a woman and a mother in a male-dominated working environment, and how should we proceed to get it all (and is it even possible)? Just a few of our pressing questions at hand.


Don’t miss the chance to meet Christina Steinbrecher-Pfandt and ask her your burning questions!


Please, don’t forget to sign up here.




With Christina Steinbrecher-Pfandt / VIENNA CONTEMPORARY

Where: VBKÖ (Maysedergasse 2/4th floor)

When: 01.10.2018, 6pm


saloon#12 @ "nothing Less!"

SALOON#12: LET'S WALK THE WALK @ "Nothing Less"


LET’S WALK THE WALK gives the opportunity to meet a number of feminist initiatives and find out about their activist work and the current political situation: What is happening in terms of women’s politics in Austria right now? What exactly are feminist organizations struggling against/trying to achieve? Why is it important to join forces and most importantly how can one join? 


We invite everyone to explore Austria’s activist scene on this cumulative evening with presentations by:



IG Bildende Kunst



One Billion Rising Austria



Let’s walk the walk instead of just talk the talk! 


This event is taking place in the course of the exhibition "Nothing Less! 100 Years of Women's Suffrage" at the VBKÖ 


Saloon#11 @ KÖR



Please join our special Summer Edition of Saloon which we organize in collaboration with KÖR Kunst im Öffentlichen Raum (Public art Vienna) on Wednesday, July 18 at 6pm


KÖR functions as a vital institution in Vienna that supports public art and projects, commissions artists, organizes competitions for projects in public space, allots subsidies to artists or partner organizations, and engages in activities related to these tasks. We are therefore thrilled to be able to walk and talk with KÖR's Managing Director Martina Taig, who will guide us to her favorite spots of public art in Vienna. While walking, we can not only explore works of public art that we might pass by without noticing but also talk about the importance of an institution that supports artists and funds public art in Vienna. On the contrary, how can WE - as cultural practitioners and visitors - activate public space and transform it into a place for discussion, remembrance, protest, comfort? Let's walk the talk! 


Afterwards, we'll have dinner (location tba) in order to gain fresh energy for a night of dancing at ImPulsTanz festival lounge.


Please sign up here for the walk: RSVP


Meeting Points:

walking tour starts at 18:00 at tba

ca. 20:00 dinner at tba

ca. 22:00: ImPulsTanz festival lounge

saloon#10 @ Kunstraum NÖ

Saloon#10: SALOON Wien x KunstraumKabinet at Kunstraum NÖ 


We are happy to collaborate with the KunstraumKabinet for our 10th edition of SALOON Wien. Please join us on the 29th of June for a joint networking event and guided tour at Kunstraum Niederösterreich. 


The KunstraumKabinet was established in 2017 by Käthe Hager von Strobele and Elisabeth Makovec as a form of exchange between women in the arts. It started as a group of mainly mothers with young children, for whom networking is especially difficult and developed into an open space for every woman working professionally in the arts field interested in an informal networking space. Reasons enough for a joint venture between the KunstraumKabinet and SALOON Wien


Because of this special occasion, we decided to do a mashup format between the two networks: Saloon#10 is running between 15:00 and 19:00 (the usual time of the KunstraumKabinet), during which coffee and chats are provided. At 17:00we are jumping in with our usual program of discussions. For this, we are joined by Elisabeth Makovec, who will also give us a tour through the exhibition THE TWO HALVES OF MARTHA WILSON´S BRAIN


And after all the hard (net)work, we will enjoy a beautiful summer evening at Volksgarten Pavillon.


Please sign up here for the Saloon starting at 17:00: RSVP


Meeting Points:

starting from 15:00: Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Herrengasse 13, 1010 Wien

at 17:00: guided tour and discussion 

ca. 19:00: Volksgarten Pavillon inside Volksgarten

saloon#9 @ Sophie tappeiner

We're very excited to announce our next Saloon with Sophie Tappeiner and Lone Haugaard Madsen on Saturday, the 26th of May at 11am! (new date!)

Lone Haugaard Madsen, born 1974 in Silkeborg, Denmark, works and lives between Copenhagen and Vienna. In her work, Haugaard Madsen negotiates fundamental questions concerning the conditions of producing and exhibiting art. She will join our conversation with Sophie Tappeiner, one of the youngest female gallerists in Vienna. Sophie opened her space in the first district in 2017 and has since exhibited numerous young female artists. We will have the chance to see their exhibition RAUM #350 – LYSTRE as well as talk about the challenges of opening a gallery in Vienna and her experiences of running a business by herself. What are Lone's experiences as an artist in Vienna, what hopes and plans does Sophie have for the future and how do they work on an exhibition together - just a few of the exciting questions we will discuss. 

Please sign up here: RSVP

Meeting Points:

at 11:00 at Sophie Tappeiner / An der Hülben 3, 1010 Wien



We're excited that April's Saloon will take place at the space of the VBKÖ (Verein Bildender Künstlerinnen Österreich / Austrian Association of Women Artists) on the
19th of April, at 6pm.

The VBKÖ is the oldest of its kind (founded in 1910), thus a pioneer of women's associations and needless to say a role model for SALOON Vienna. Its longevity, intersectional exhibition program, and critical past - one that started as a secessionist movement from the dominant male art world as well as one that does not deny its past ties to National Socialism - is what makes the VBKÖ a historical landmark and seminal exhibition space for female practitioners in Vienna. 


(c) VBKÖ Archiv


The SALOON wants to contemplate this critical past but moreover talk about its future and how we can contribute to and participate with an all-women's association. What does it do and what advantages does it bring? How feminist, inclusive, intersectional can it be? And, most importantly, how can it further evolve as a space for empowerment and equality? 


So, let’s go where everything started and discuss these issues with some of its board members: Rini Mitra, Steph Misa, Ruby Sircar, Veronika Burger, Catharina Bond, Angela Wiedermann, Hilde Fuchs and Barbara Eichhorn. Let's show solidarity and respect as this Salon stands for over a 100 years and contemplate a future together. The evening will be rounded off with dinner and drinks at Reinthaler's Beisl.


If you want to become a member, please send your CV and website to saloonwien@gmail.com 


Meeting Points:

at 18:00 at VBKÖ / Maysedergasse 2/4. Stock (Lift), 1010 Vienna

ca. 20:00 at Reinthaler's Beisl / Dorotheergasse 2-4, 1010 Wien


We are excited to celebrate our March Saloon in collaboration with Business Riot and A B C Ana Berlin Communications on the second of March, 5pm!


Since 2011, Ana Berlin works as a specialist in the field of communications at the intersection of architecture, design, and visual art. She and her team support individual cultural workers and large companies in connecting with the public sphere by providing a sophisticated image within networks, social media, and the press. The Rrriot Festival is part of Business Riot, a week long festival that offers discourses and workshops on how to combine feminist issues, networking, and careers. Last but not least, the Saloon is an international network for women in the art that connects artists, curators, journalists, gallerists, et al. through monthly meetings, collaborations, and solidarity. Through Ana Berlin’s long time engagement within Vienna's art scene, she is an expert in the fields of social media and networking and will be our host for Saloon#7.

We will pick Ana’s brain on how to make first contacts in a professional setting, how to guide a conversation, and how to socialize in an unknown environment. With a hands on approach, this Saloon will be for everyone who wants to network and get networked.


Join our March Saloon at Ana Berlin's office on the second of March at 5pm and get to know our Saloonistas, Ana Berlin and her team as well as likeminded business ladies! Please register under press@anaberlin.com; event free of charge and in English and German https://www.facebook.com/events/175129879879341/ 


Meeting Points:

at 17:00 at Ana Berlin office / Rechte Wienzeile 29/2B, 1040 Wien

ca. 20:00 at Café Anzengruber / Schleifmühlgasse 19, 1040 Wien



Rrriot Festival 2018 / 1.3.2018 – 7.3.2018 

Das Rrriot Festival feiert 2018 als feministisches Programmfestival Premiere: gemeinsam mit über 40 Programmpartner_innen zeigen wir in über 50 Events unterschiedlichste Perspektiven auf.

Feminismus für alle! – so das Motto der ersten Ausgabe, und somit öffnen wir fast alle Rrriot Events für alle Interessierten. Eintritt frei, Programm unter www.riotfestival.at



Business Riot Festival 2018 / 8.3.2018 – 10.3.2018 

Das Business Riot Festival geht 2018 in die dritte Runde und ist Österreichs größte Konferenz zum Thema Frauen*, Arbeit und Unternehmerinnentum. In über 60 Workshops, Karrieregesprächen,

Talks und Netzwerkveranstaltungen haben die Besucherinnen* die Möglichkeit, die eigene Erwerbsbiografie und Karriere genauer unter die Lupe zu nehmen.

Tickets ab 29.1.2018 auf www.riotfestival.at/tickets 





Our next Saloon will be held at the exhibition space of the IG Bildende Kunst on the 13th of February, at 6pm.


We are sure you all know the important work that the IG does for the Viennese art scene but do you also know what else it offers other than issuing your artist's ID? Well, we are going to find out soon, as we have the exclusive chance to meet Vasilena Gankovska, artist and board member, and fellow members to discuss what issues they are fighting for. Especially with the prospects of dooming cuts in funding and weakening interest in cultural production by the government, let us find ways to circumvent these restrictions and focus on collaborations and practices that can counter the backlashes we are facing. #globalwomansday


We'll also hear about the future program of the IG Bildende Kunst and how they are supporting female artists. Needless to say, the board members, who are all female, are working for free - is this symptomatic for the cultural scene? Let's find out!


The discussions will be prolonged and our heated heads cooled down with a glass of Spritzer at Café Sperl


Meeting points:

18:00 at IG Bildende Kunst, Gumpendorferstrasse 10-12

ca. 20:00 at Café Sperl, Gumpendorferstrasse 11-13


Please RSVP here!



SALOON#5 @ Q21 at Museumsquartier

Mark your calendars! The new year will start with a Saloon at Q21 in the Museumsquartier on the 23rd of January, 6pm.

We are excited to be invited to the Baroque suits in the Museumsquartier, where we will be introduced by the head of Q21 Nina Wenko, followed by a presentation by Irene Preißler (press) and Margit Mössmer (communication & outreach program), with whom we can discuss press and communication work in a multifaceted cultural complex like the Q21, that houses exhibitions and project spaces, residencies, offices, and creative space for national and international tenants.
Afterwards, we will have the chance to visit Marina Markovic, one of the Artists-in-Residence (tba) residing at Q21 in her studio.

Meeting points:
18:00 at MuseumsQuartier Errichtungs- und BetriebsgesmbHMuseumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna (main entrance, first floor)
around 20:00 at die Halle (inside MQ)
Please RSVP here!


Special Christmas SALOON - open to all!


We are happy to announce that SALOON Vienna will celebrate its last Saloon this year together with das weisse haus on the 7th of December, 6pm.


We hope you will join us to get first hand insight into the organizational side of das weisse haus and their multifaceted ventures as an international studio and residency program, as exhibition space, and as an important Viennese art association. Alexandra Grausam, founding director and curator, and Katja Stecher, project manager of studio das weisse haus, will guide us through the evening and the current exhibition, which focuses on their 10th anniversary. 


This time the Saloon is open to everybody - its Christmas after all. Please bring everyone who wants to get to know das weisse haus, SALOON Vienna, and our wonderful Saloonistas. In good old tradition we will head to the Belvedere Christmas market for one or two punches afterwards.


LOVE, Aline & Julia


                                       Meeting points:

18:00 at das weisse haus, Hegelgasse 14 (Souterrain), 1010 Vienna

around 20:00 at Belvedere Christmas market, Oberes Belvedere


SALOON Wien x Sororities @ Sotheby's


Please join us for our next Saloon at the international auction house Sotheby's on the 22nd of November. Senior Director and Managing Director for Austria, Hungary and Poland Andrea Jungmann and Deputy Director Doris Richter will open the doors of Sotheby's showroom for us. Together with members of the Sororities, a female business network, we will team up to engage in a conversation on the art market in general, the importance of auction houses for the art world as well as on the significance of an almost all female staff in a traditionally male dominated field of work. 


Afterwards we'll have dinner & drinks at Rien
Please RSVP here. 


Meeting Points:

6pm at Sotheby's, Palais Wilczek, Herrengasse 5,
1010 Vienna (1st floor)

from 8pm at Rien, Michaelerplatz 2, 1010 Vienna


We are looking forward to the next Saloon at the Kiki Kogelnik Foundation!


Please join us for this exceptional opportunity to see Kiki Kogelnik's works in the flesh in an intimate setting on the 9th of October, 6pm. Together with Pilar Zevallos, Managing Director of the Foundation, and Noit Banai, Art Historian, Critic, and Professor of Contemporary Art in the Department of Art History at the University of Vienna, we will be discussing Kogelnik's influence on the Viennese and New York art scene as well as on female artists up until today. Afterwards we will have dinner & drinks at the Glacis Beisl. 


Meeting Points:

6pm in front of the foundation (address will be mailed to enlisted participants)

8pm, Glacis Beisl, Museumsquartier, Zugang Breite Gasse 4, 1070 Vienna


Please RSVP here! 


P.S. To also become a member of the Saloon, please send a short bio and photo to saloonwien@gmail.com 









Kiki Kogelnik, Womans Lib, 1971, Silkscreen on paper
© 1971 Kiki Kogelnik Foundation. All rights reserved.


Das erste SALOON Treffen findet am 5. September um 18 Uhr im MAK, Museum für Angewandte Kunst statt!

Wir besuchen die Ausstellung "Hello, Robot" zusammen mit einer aufschlussreichen Führung von Katalogautorin und SALOON Wien Mitbegründerin Aline Lara Rezende. Zusammen wollen wir die Ausstellung sowie die Bedeutung der (fast) ausschließlich Kuratorinnen der Vienna Biennale besprechen.
Der erste SALOON in Wien wird anschließend im Café Engländer abgerundet, wo das Netzwerken losgehen kann.

An alle potenziellen Mitglieder: Bitte schickt uns eine E-Mail mit kurzer Beschreibung an saloonwien@gmail.com. Wir freuen uns auf Euch!

18 Uhr vor Eingang MAK, Stubenring 5, 1010 Wien (freie Tour und Eintritt)
ab ca. 20 Uhr: Café Engländer, Postgasse 2, 1010 Wien

The first SALOON meeting will be at the MAK, Museum of Applied Arts on the 5th of September at 6pm!

We will visit the exhibition "Hello, Robot" with an insightful tour by contributing catalogue author and SALOON Wien co-founder Aline Lara Rezende and have the opportunity to discuss the exhibition as well as the significance of the Vienna Biennale's (almost) all-female curatorial staff. 
The first SALOON in Vienna will be rounded off at Café Engländer where the mingling and tingling can get in full swing. 

To all potential members: Please join our network by sending an email with a short description to saloonwien@gmail.com. We are looking forward to hearing from you! 

Meeting points:
6pm: in front of the MAK, Stubenring 5, 1010 Vienna (free tour and entry)
ca. 8pm: Café Engländer, Postgasse 2, 1010 Vienna