20. April 2018
April's Saloon took place at the time-honored VBKÖ - one of the first women artists' associations established in 1910 which is still running up until today. SALOON members were greeted by their board members, who introduced us to their honorable work for the association, which includes the programming of the exhibition space, the running of the archive, and general care of the space and members. We further discussed the beginnings of the VBKÖ, its relationship to the Secession, and how to...
16. March 2018
For our March Saloon we collaborated with Rrriot Festival and Ana Berlin, who kindly invited us to her newly opened office where we got to know all about how to network and to communicate properly. Ana has shared all her wisdom with us ladies who were thrilled to learn about how to pitch ideas, how to break the ice, and how to know when to say yes and no. We rounded off the inspiring evening with some drinks (or let's say the Gin was gone after we were gone) and celebrated what we have...
14. February 2018
For our sixth Saloon we met with Vasilena Gankovska, artist and board member at the IG Bildende Kunst to talk about the precarious situation of Austria's cultural landscape and how they are working as alliances for artists. Of course, we shouldn't look at it too pessimistically but there are already cuts in funding and the government's appreciation for cultural production is undoubtedly going in a wrong, or rather the right, direction. The IG and its members are nevertheless tirelessly working...
23. January 2018
The first Saloon of the year 2018 was kicked off at the Baroque suites of the Q21 located in Vienna's trendy Museumsquartier. We were invited to an exclusive talk on press and communication matters in a cultural company of such scale. It was interesting to get to know the structures of the Q21, its various departments and how international artists are welcomed in Vienna. With goodies in hand we then visited Marina Markovic in the studio which she occupies for a month. Marina welcomed us with a...
20. December 2017
Saloon#4 @ das weisse haus
24. November 2017
For our third Saloon in October 2017 we had the pleasure of getting exclusive insights into the art market from Sotheby's Vienna Director Andrea Jungmann and Deputy Director Doris Richter. Surrounded by an exhibition by Sassa Micheli, which happened in lieu of Sotheby's Art Quarterly program, we were discussing the art market machinery and its difficulties of inclusion for young, especially female, artists. Obviously, we also talked about the all-female staff at Sotheby's Vienna and what its...
16. October 2017
Round-up of our first two Saloons in September and October 2017.
22. September 2017
Aline and I went to Berlin to meet the founder of Saloon Tina Sauerländer and to put our heads together for future collaborations and exchanges. We're excited to see what we can achieve together!
01. September 2017
In our "Highlights" section we will continually announce the events, exhibitions, talks, articles, etc organized by or in participation with our members. Get ready for a buzzing autumn!
27. July 2017
We are happy to announce SALOON is coming to Vienna. Starting this Autumn the members have the chance to meet in monthly creative outings followed by dinner and drinks. Let the mingling and tingling begin, ladies!