20. February 2020
In February 2020 we visited the Viennese office of the European Forum Alpbach in order to find out more about the strutures behind the annual festivities and seminars in Alpbach and to talk about how arts and culture influence the overall structure of the festival. Elisabeth Schack, head of Arts and Culture, and Clara Rindler-Schantl, presented our members what it means to present art to an audience that is not used to it and how these encounters are even more powerful. And of course we found...
27. January 2020
For our first Saloon in the year of 2020, we invited the feminist hackerspace Mz* Baltazar's Lab into the exhibition "Search for...Feminism" in order to tell us about their practices as a safe space to experiment with technology. Stefanie Wuschitz gave us an interesting introduction into the interconnectedness of technology, feminism and art, which ended in a discussion on the fourth wave of feminism and if this is or will be taking place online.
28. November 2019
For our last Saloon in 2019, we had the pleasure of visiting the SECESSION and have an intimate dicussion with the curators Annette Südbeck and Jeannette Pacher. Other than getting to know the structures and decision making processes behind the Association of Visual Artists, we got first-hand insights into the work of the curators at the Secession. They work closely with the artists on their exhibitions which allows them to a more intimate and individual approach to curating. Furthermore, we...
20. October 2019
For SALOON#20 we were really grateful that Nina Schedlmayer took some time off to talk to us about journalism, art criticism, and independent blogging in the fields of contemporary art. She is the chief editor of the magazine "morgen" and writes the blog artemisia, with which she rattles the male dominant art world. Nina gave us vital insights into how she became a sought after writer for magazines and newspapers and how differently and more openly it is to write for one's own medium. When...
18. October 2019
In September, the first SALOON of the season was taking place at Vienna Contemporary, where we enjoyed a prive tour of art by women, which was followed by a private view of Alexia's Stuefers home and her collection of feminist art. It was a full day of great art, food, drinks and discussions on how we can make art by women more visible, how it should be treated better on the art market and how to live with feminist art. We thank Alexia for this encouraging evening and hope that all our members...
23. June 2019
This was our fantastic SALOON Summer Party in June 2019. We were invited to the Atelierhaus Pelzgasse, where the SALOON members Käthe Schönle, Sophie Dvorak and Julia Faber showed us their studios and what they're working on right now. The evening was rounded off with drinks, talks, music and a lot of laughter! It was a good start to talk about what our summer vacation and all the projects coming up. Stay tuned, Autumn 2019 is gonna get fiery!
09. May 2019
03. April 2019
12. March 2019
08. January 2019
For our last Saloon of the year we met in the “Vertikale Galerie” of the Verbund Collection. Director Gabriele Schor and her assistant curator Julia Hürner gave us a private tour through their current exhibition “Louise Lawler – She´s here”, the very first solo show by the artist in Austria - the Verbund owns the largest collection of Lawler works in the world! We learned about the main focusses of the Verbund collection, how and why Gabriele Schor acquires works and what the term...

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