20. June 2022
WORK IT! Series #2 at Tonhalle
For our second WORK IT! Series at Tonhalle we got our hands dirty and created some unique pots, cups and else. Thanks to Vasilena Gankovska, we got the best introduction into pottery!
20. June 2022
With a special place to have drinks before our tour through the exhibition "When the Wind Blows" we met with the curators Liddy Scheffknecht and Verena Kaspar-Eisert.
20. June 2022
SALOON#45 with Victoria Dejaco
We had a blast at Wonnerth Dejaco Gallery, where Victoria gave us an exclusive insight into her work as a business woman in the art world. We are glad to have such fierce members in our network!
17. March 2022
SALOON#44 at STRABAG Artlounge
The women running the STRABAG Artlounge welcomed us in March.
17. March 2022
SALOON#43 at CIVA Festival
Visit to the media art festival CIVA at Belvedere 21.
07. November 2021
SALOON#42 @ Collector Casandra Herrman
08. October 2021
SALOON#40 @ Kevin Space
01. March 2021
SALOON#37 with Angela Stief
For this online SALOON we had the pleasure to meet Angela Stief, chief curator at ALBERTINA Modern. We had a great discussion about how Angela found her way from the Kunsthalle Wien to her independent career to finally start at the Albertina, where she now has the great challenge to work with the collection. Not surprisingly, she will include more women and outsider artists in the upcoming exhibitions and we're super excited to follow her future exhibitions!
15. January 2021
SALOON#36 with Kimberly Bradley
23. December 2020
SALOON#35 with Elisabeth Noever Ginthör
In this ZOOM Saloon we had the pleasure to talk to cultural manager Elisabeth Noever Ginthör. Elisabeth has been director of the Creativity & Business department at the Vienna Business Agency since 2014 and also responsible for many of the creative grants with which the agency supports the creative industries in Vienna. We learned a lot about how to best apply for these grants and what still needs to be done to make the Viennese art scene more inclusive and intersectional. We thank...

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