10. September 2020
06. August 2020
Our 2020 Summer Party at Schloss.25 was a BLAST! Thanks everyone for coming and celebrating our network that begins its fourth year of existence. Much more to come in the future! (c) Iza Hegedüs
19. June 2020
In this Saloon, we were extremely grateful for Johanna Chromik, Artistic Director of viennacontemporary art fair, to take the time and discuss with us her approach to the art fair and what it means to still hold it during the pandemic. No one can say how it will turn out in September but everyone is definiteyl excited to see and engage with art again on a large scale. Needless to say, the fair also has to adapt to current developments, which also include debates around race and gender in the...
23. May 2020
As working from home and not being able to meet in large groups continues for the foreseeable future, we keep on exploring new ideas on how to connect, exchange ideas, and remain a strong international network of women in the arts. That's why we were grateful to have our members meet online and discuss works that they are working on right and that inspires them. For our first iteration on May 19, we invited SALOON's local and international members to share their workspaces, works that they...
23. May 2020
Paula Marschalek, from Marschalek Art Management, againg gave us an elightening workshop on how to successfully crowdfund. We got very helpful tips and essentials for getting funded via crowdfunding platforms - something we might have to rely on more and more in a time, when art and culture cannot rely on funding from the state.
27. April 2020
On April 21 we were supposed to meet Katharina Brandl, artistic director of the Kunstraum Niederösterreich, in person BUT as cirumstances had it we were all home-bound. Trying to make the best of this crisis, we met up with Katharina via ZOOM and had a wonderful conversation with her about her experience with an exhibition space that is #closedbutactive. There are a couple of strategies for physical spaces to tranform art and exhibitions onlibe but needless to say, the experience is different....
17. April 2020
In this Saloon we started our new format of online workshops as the SALOON had to adapt to the new situation of being confined to our homes. We invited Paula Marschalek from Marschalek Art Management, for an arts- and culture-specific Instagram workshop in order to brush up those social (media) skills and stay on top of our games. We learnned how to present ourselves on Instagram professionally, what to post when, how to engage with our audience, and how we can network online when we cannot do...
01. April 2020
Due to the current situation-we were all on lockdown due to the Coronavirus-we simply transferred our physical meetings to the online. Many of our members joined in what we call ZOOM/SALOONs and shared their own stories and experiences. Everyone was missing personal contacts at this point in time and we were happy to connect online, at least.
20. February 2020
In February 2020 we visited the Viennese office of the European Forum Alpbach in order to find out more about the strutures behind the annual festivities and seminars in Alpbach and to talk about how arts and culture influence the overall structure of the festival. Elisabeth Schack, head of Arts and Culture, and Clara Rindler-Schantl, presented our members what it means to present art to an audience that is not used to it and how these encounters are even more powerful. And of course we found...
27. January 2020
For our first Saloon in the year of 2020, we invited the feminist hackerspace Mz* Baltazar's Lab into the exhibition "Search for...Feminism" in order to tell us about their practices as a safe space to experiment with technology. Stefanie Wuschitz gave us an interesting introduction into the interconnectedness of technology, feminism and art, which ended in a discussion on the fourth wave of feminism and if this is or will be taking place online.

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