Saloon#9 at Galerie Sophie Tappeiner

In May we visited Sophie Tappeiner at her gallery in the first district where we had a fun but also serious discussion about the necessity of women's solo exhibitions and all female group shows as well as the importance of support systems and solidarity within the art world. We didn't miraculously find a solution - or conclusion for that matter - on how to solve the problems of unequal pay and representation in the cultural scene but awareness was raised on how to work together. Sophie set a wonderful example for how in can work as her solo shows are comprised of solely female artists so far. Even though she is not intentionally focusing on only female artists, her goal is to show good art - and so far, she has. Lone Haugaard Madsen is such an example and we were very lucky to experience her exhibition together.


One thing became clear once again: We are only just beginning!