SALOON#27 with Kunstraum Niederösterreich

On April 21 we were supposed to meet Katharina Brandl, artistic director of the Kunstraum Niederösterreich, in person BUT as cirumstances had it we were all home-bound. Trying to make the best of this crisis, we met up with Katharina via ZOOM and had a wonderful conversation with her about her experience with an exhibition space that is #closedbutactive. There are a couple of strategies for physical spaces to tranform art and exhibitions onlibe but needless to say, the experience is different. Also, how does an art insitution reach an audience that is not attuned to the virtual world? Katharina shared many interesting stories with us and we were really grateful that she took the time to talk to us online. And of course we'll all rush to the Kunstraum in person as soon as possible!