SALOON#31 with Johanna Chromik

In this Saloon, we were extremely grateful for Johanna Chromik, Artistic Director of viennacontemporary art fair, to take the time and discuss with us her approach to the art fair and what it means to still hold it during the pandemic. No one can say how it will turn out in September but everyone is definiteyl excited to see and engage with art again on a large scale. Needless to say, the fair also has to adapt to current developments, which also include debates around race and gender in the art world, and are working on including pressing debates in their work space and the fair respectively. Johanna Chromik also told us about the differences in art scenes in comparison to her former work places--which have been all around the world--but seems quite content and happy about her decision to move to Vienna. We are definitely happy to have another powerful ally in the fight for equality in the art world!