andrea salzmann

In her work Andrea Salzmann deals with social compositions and the associated potential for political change. Her focus is not on a society that defines its connecting moment by fear and panic before the other, but on the contrary in an opening of debates, discourses and political actions. It is based on a feminist approach, in which it questions capitalist, patriarchal structures in a poetic, combative way always keeping an eye on another possible world. 


The materials and references used for this purpose are diverse and deliberately not just assigned to one genre. She works in a mix between live performance and space installation, but also collages, videos and photography are part of her work. 


She was born in Bregenz on Lake Constance, lives and works as a performance artist and dramaturge in Vienna and teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts in the department of Performative Art. Most recently, she was artist in residence in Bilbao Arte and for 2019 she has the BKA's 4-month residency in Yogjakrate: Sewon Art Space, Indonesia.