erka shalari

I am Erka Shalari, was born in 1988 in Tirana. I live and work in Vienna for ten years. I'm an art author, culture manager and press expert. Same time I am an editor at the Austrian Art Magazine Les Nouveaux Riches (LNR). On my work, I am focused on unconventional exhibition spaces, program galleries, unique artistic and curatorial positions, art fairs, and of course development publishing plans at LNR. My work oscillates between articles for magazines, exhibition texts and press releases. I rely on unorthodox publishing practices, coupling these with a nonchalant manner of writing. Then I love to work in an international setting. Many of my scouts have been in the Italian art landscape, and then comes the greek metropol and my home city Tirana. Same time I love to bring new positions into the Austrian art scene but also to "export" through my writing Austrian-based artists, whose work I really relish,  to further audiences. Recently for example, I introduced the work of artist Sophie Louise – Passow in Juliet Magazine (Italy). I am open to inquiries and inspiring collaborations. If you want to dive into my work, click my Link Tree Selection -