Faith hampton

Faith Hampton, born in the United States, paints, draws and collages layers of thought, feeling and memory, exploring the way our brains process relational information to generate something that is both derivative and fresh. Her recent work explores the effects of reductionism, as well as the nature of memory and human experience as stories transfer from one source to another; they morph and evolve into something that both reveals and obscures the original thought or idea, and becomes its own truth as well as an accidental misrepresentation of someone else’s true story. We transmit our stories and ideas, one to another, with the dizzying speed of a passing glance that generates new avenues of thought, that are in turn themselves transferred, often without our permission or control. Patterns seized from one source are transmitted onto a surface and mutated to fit our own limitations and preconceptions. The technique of sectioning shapes and even skin into collaged patterns reflects this human desire to simplify and categorize, but also fails to accurately render the forms depicted in their nuanced wholeness. Faith is based in Vienna, Austria.