franziska king

Franziska King is an Italian born Vienna based artist,

who works primarily in painting and drawing but also in print, site specific projects and artist books. 


She develops her ideas mainly through catching, collecting and destillating collective as well as personal images, weaving a poetic tapestry of vague, airy reminiscences. Understanding creating art as a process-orientated dialogue between the concept, the medium, the artwork itself and the viewer

it is one of her key interests to find balance between the shown and the unshown, always inviting the recipient to continue the dialogue

and completing it through his involvement.


Franziska King studied Fine Arts at the Art University Linz (Head: O.Univ.-Prof. Ursula Hübner), Cultural Studies at the Art University Linz (Head: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Karin Harrasser) and Theatre Film and Media Science at the University Vienna.