julia bugram

Julia Bugram (*1988 in Vienna) is an interdisciplinary artist whose oeuvre to date finds expression in graphics, objects and installations. In terms of content, she works at the interface between art and socio-political discourse. In this context, it is not surprising that she is a co-founder of the initiative JOMO - Joy of Missing Out and sits on the board of the feminist art network IntAkt - internationale Aktionsgemeinschaft bildender Künstlerinnen (intakt-kuenstlerinnen.com), which was founded in 1977.


With the installation "Raising Hands", she created a participatory sculpture from a million 1-cent coins as a symbol of peace and a sign of community and solidarity. Here and in all her works, Julia pursues her credo: "Art is political. Whether it's a social statement or finding peace in nature: the way we treat each other is important."

(Text by Katrin Jordan-Liesenfeldt)



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