jelena micic

Jelena Micić (b. 1986 Knjaževac, Serbia) is an artist and curator. Micić graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna where she also worked as a study assistant at the Painting and Exhibition Management Department. During her studies, she was involved in the Student Union at the Office for Social Policy and the Office for Economic Affairs.


She obtained a master's degree in Philosophy and a diploma degree in Philology at the University of Belgrade. Awarded the Dimitrije Bašičević Mangelos Award (2021), and Ö1 Talentestipendium Bildende Kunst (2018). As part of her kültür gemma! Fellowship (2018) in IG Bildende Kunst, she was working on the PAY THE ARTIST NOW! campaign. She is interested in socio-political aspects of color (systems), and economic conditions of labor and material. Founder of the informal group UMETNIK*. Currently working as the Artistic Director of the WIENWOCHE Festival for Art and Activism.

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