laura sperl

Laura Sperl’s works operate at the interface of photography, performance, dance and drawing. Fascinated by sunlight, she repeatedly resorts to basic photochemical processes alongside digital photography, interweaving photography, skin, landscape, light and drawing. In contact exposures such as photograms or cyanotypes, she inscribes bodies, drawings or surroundings into the image carrier. Between a conceptual, performative and poetic approach, the body develops into a central motif. A body that is performer, object and image carrier at the same time. Processes of change are observed and interwoven across the media.


Laura Sperl studied at the Weißensee Academy of Arts Berlin and the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. She has presented solo exhibitions at the Mutuo Gallery in Barcelona, at Porgy & Bess Public Domain, at Photon Gallery and at Sehsaal in Vienna, among others. Her works have also been shown in Berlin, Zagreb, London, Paris, Tokyo and lately at the Imago Photo Festival in Lisbon. In Vienna, she recently exhibited at PARALLEL Vienna, Foto Wien, Fotogalerie Wien, Exhibit, T/abor and Bildraum 01.


In 2021, she received the START Scholarship for Visual Arts of the Austrian Federal Ministry and participates in the Mentoring Programme in cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. In 2022 she received the Talent Award of the Upper Austrian Cultural Awards in the category of photography and her work was aquisited for the Art Collection Upper Austria.