Laura Welzenbach

Laura Welzenbach produces and directs projects in art, technology and politics. She is a strategic planner, who makes things happen. She is a future optimist and a believer in change. Her current super power: so much love for social impact through art. 


As the Head of Ars Electronica Export, Laura creates experiences through connecting art and science. These international collaborations take shape through exhibitions, workshops and art science residencies. In the past she ran the artist residency program at Eyebeam in New York (2014-2017) and was executive manager of the sound:frame festival in Vienna (2010-2013). She collaborated with distinguished arts organizations such as the Guggenheim Museum, Austrian Cultural Forum in New York, tiff Toronto International Film Festival in Canada, MAK Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art, MQ Museums Quartier, and k/haus Kuenstlerhaus in Vienna. 


She received a research scholarship from the Austrian Federal Art Management Program, studied arts management and holds a master's degree in theatre, film and media studies as well as European studies. 

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