miriam hamann

Miriam Hamann is a visual artist, currently living and working in Vienna. She studied Art and Communication Practices as well as TransArts Transdisciplinary Art at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. In her sculptural and media installations she deals with scientific and technological phenomena, exploring the question of how our environment is shaped and structured and how we try to understand our world. In addition to incorporating technical and scientific findings in her processes, the artist also directs her attention to those details that shape the space around us, but

often remain unnoticed. In doing so, a main focus lies on the sculptural presence of everyday objects as well as on the immaterial materials sound and light, which are uncoupled from their original surroundings and functions to become central elements or building blocks in the artist's installations in order to create new architectures and spatial perceptions. 


Miriam Hamann has taken part in several artist-in-residence programs and international exhibitions. Her work has been shown, among others, at MUSA Startgalerie (AT), Titanik Gallery Turku (FIN), OK Linz (AT), LKV Trondheim (NO), Festival der Regionen (AT), European Soundart Award Marl (DE) and the Sinop Biennial (TR). She received various grants and prizes such as the Residency Grant for Paris by the Federal Chancellery of Austria, the LinzEXPort Grant by the City of Linz as well as the Grant for Emerging Artists by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture.