mika maruyama

Born in Japan and based in Vienna and Tokyo, Mika Maruyama is a writer, curator and researcher whose theoretical work deals with the intersections of queer and feminist theory, and the convergence of media culture and the politics of the body. She holds a master’s degree in philosophy from Yokohama National University, Japan. She is currently a doctoral student at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, and the board member (serving as a secretary) of the Austrian Association of Wom*n Artists.


Her interdisciplinary practice ranges from curating and zine-making to collaborative artistic practices motivated by her interests in decolonial thinking, counter-narration, subversive form as well as transcultural representation that flip the dominant historical narrative and normatively. Her reviews and articles have appeared in art magazines and books, including Flash Art, Camera Austria International, BijutsuTecho and artscape. Her recent curating exhibitions include When It Waxes and Wanes (Vienna, 2020), Body Electric (Tokyo, 2017) and Behind the Terrain (Yogyakarta, 2016 / Hanoi, 2017 / Tokyo, 2018). In 2018, she started “Multiple Spirits”, a queer feminist art zine in English and Japanese, with artist and actor Mai Endo.