sophie dvorák

Sophie Dvořák was born in Vienna in 1978. She completed her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and the Glasgow School of Art, Scotland. She also holds a diploma from the Friedl Kubelka School for Artistic Photography, Vienna. She has received multiple awards, including the Theodor Körner Prize in 2012, the Promotion Prize of the City of Vienna in 2016, and the State Scholarship for Fine Arts in 2020. Her works have been featured in national and international solo and group exhibitions and are represented in public collections such as the Federal Art Collection in Belvedere 21. Sophie Dvořák lives and works in Vienna.


In an artistic practice spanning conceptual drawing, collage, sculpture, and collecting, Dvořák addresses questions related to space and territories and their codes of representation, history, and perception. She creates artworks and installative arrangements that represent abstract-fictive depictions of world(s) and knowledge and interpretations of history and spatial relations.Sophie Dvořák explores a variety of mapping techniques, primarily from the fields of cartography and astronomy, from all conceivable perspectives. In her works, she examines real-world constellations that transfer complex projection methods into two-dimensional maps and three-dimensional globes and models. In doing so, she deconstructs and interrogates the ordering schemes, functionalities, and hierarchies of these scientifically established representation models.

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