dejana kabiljo

DEJANA KABILJO works across a variety of disciplines, including design, sculpture and architecture. She creates for all of us with weaknesses, bad habits and obsessions. She plays with her own concepts of useful and useless, her objects being busy at times, often lazy, though, stretched in the sun just to be revered. Operative functionality / or the intentional lack of it / is integrated into the work as a poetic element, ignoring the preset categories.

Consequently, materials get cooked, cast, burnt, bleached, blow-dried, curled, beaten, spilt, bent, weaved, melted and turned into gold until they fit into place.


Dejana founded Kabiljo Inc., an experimental design lab, launching her

first edition of objects with an exhibition in the MAK, Vienna, in 01.

She holds a M.Sc.Eng. of Architecture from University of Belgrade and

Ms. of Design from the Domus Academy in Milan. Kabiljo exhibits in museums and galleries, but also obscure locations in Vienna, Milan, Florence, London, Split, Belgrade, Lausanne, Paris, St.Etienne, Barcelona, Ghent, Eindhoven, Moscow, New York, Tokyo and Beijing.


Her work is published in books, magazines and newspapers, from the

Domus Magazine to the New York Times. She had personal exhibitions in the MAK, Vienna, IDEÉ, Tokyo, Selfridges Window, London, Museum for Applied Art, Belgrade, DOROTHEUM, Milan, SUPERSTUDIO PIÙ, Milan, Museum of Fine Arts, Split and represented Austria at the first Beijing Design Week with an artistic intervention in the D 751 Park. She exhibited work at the Triennale di Milano, Sotheby’s, London, FAD, Barcelona, Designmuseum Gent, Wien Museum, among others.