vasilena gankovska



Vasilena Gankovska, born 1978 in Troyan, Bulgaria. Lives in Vienna and Sofia since 2001 and works as visual artist and exhibition maker. Degree in Fine Arts, Academy of fine arts Vienna. Multiple exhibitions and awards, amongst others in Vienna, Warsaw, Sofia, Los Angeles and Zurich. Current exhibitions in City Art Gallery Sofia (2017), Hilger NEXT (2016) and Bulgarian Cultural Institute Haus Wittgenstein (2015) in Vienna. Her artistic work deals with the different aspects of the urban life, leisure and work and their spaces. Currently she is exploring the relationship between architecture, (fashion) design, art and ideology in the urban space of the former Eastern Bloc countries. Another field of interest is the formation of the pop and visual culture in the postsocialist society and the very specific role and influence of the TV series formats (soap operas, telenovelas, reality tv) in this process.


Since 2016 she is responsible for GALERIE IG BILDENDE KUNST in Vienna, where she works as gallery spokesperson and curator.