SALOON#29 + #30 + #32 @ Home / Studio & Home Office Visits

As working from home and not being able to meet in large groups continues for the foreseeable future, we keep on exploring new ideas on how to connect, exchange ideas, and remain a strong international network of women in the arts. That's why we were grateful to have our members meet online and discuss works that they are working on right and that inspires them. 

For our first iteration on May 19, we invited SALOON's local and international members to share their workspaces, works that they treasure most, and those that are in progress during this virtual walkthrough. We visited artists Laura Wagner and Bernadette Anzengruber as well as curators Mika Maruyama and our very own Aline Lara Rezendeas well as curator and board member of SALOON Paris Valentina Peri and were able to get to know what they're working on right now and engage in a conversation on how their immediate working environment has changed; what challenges they face while working from home; and how they (still) get inspired from within the same four walls.


In our second iteration on June 2nd, we visited the artists Darja Shatalova and Sarah Mang, gallerist Anna Ebner, curator and board member of SALOON Brussels Juliette Bibasse, and our very own Julia Hartmann


Our third Studio & Home Office Visit happened on the first of July and we were able to meet artists Fanni Futterknecht, Christina Helena Romirer, and Catharina Bond and curator, art advisor, and board member of SALOON Tel Aviv Jenna Romano in person.